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Curfews were first introduced in 1998 in a policy called the Crime and Disorder Act for England and Wales. In Scotland curfew schemes have been around since 1997. The 2003 Anti-Social Behaviour Act means they could become more widespread. Curfews can be introduced in areas where the police and the council agree that gangs have […]

BBC Newsround asks Kids “Do adults spoil your fun?” “No, they don’t stop me from doing loads of stuff, but even if they did I wouldn’t mind 2 much cause it is a way of proof that they love me and they want to protect me. I love my parents and I no they love […]

Some people can become ill because they are so stressed. I was one of those people last year. I didn’t even realise it until someone suggested that was the reason why I wasn’t well and when I thought about it, they could be right. People cope differently with stress, in some people, you can see […]

UK Statistics


From the same website of Eurocamp I have found some interesting Statistics that they are also using to sell their holidays. But they will come in useful for my Play brief. I have selected a few places from around the UK and retrieved statistics about what people do in their spare time and how or […]



Eurocamp asks us – “Are we getting enough Play?” “As children we had little difficulty in making the most of play-time and when the last school session ended we needed no prompting to leave the classroom for the fresh air and activities we collectively call play. As play-time became break-time then recreation-time and we evolved […]

As I was doing my research I found such an interesting article about adult play, and how adults distinguish work from play. If an adult goes to work everyday carrying out the job of their dreams it should be fun for them shouldn’t it? But why is it then classed as work? Because they get […]