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I’ve been doing a lot of hand drawn type recently, but instead of just drawing alphabet after alphabet I wanted to do something different. So I decided to incorporate it into an illustration… Which I haven’t done for ages. I like this one though, I’m happier with it than the last thing I posted. It’s […]

Arrrgh! What’s happened to the blue in this!!? Noooo! It’s lighter than I wanted! I have been tricked by illustrator! Damn you! This will do for now though I guess! I’ve had enough of Adobe for one day! xox

Here is something I’ve made, I have been trying to teach myself illustrator for a while now and I am slowly getting the hang of it. At the moment I’m really interested in hand drawn type so I thought I’d have a go at it myself. It’s okay I suppose! I like the colours that […]



I have surprised myself. For the first time in a few months I have picked up my pen and have started drawing again. The past few things on here that I’ve posted have really inspired me.. And it’s just made me want to make something. I am really shy about my work, not a lot […]



So I’ve just come across a blog called notebookdoodles and I absolutely love it! I really like the way she has used type within her doodles and the messages behind each piece. I picked these ones out because I can relate to them. They’re all very true. Or maybe I want to believe they’re true? […]

A little gem..


Back in first year I did a research brief and blogged it here in 2007. One of the things I had to research was a company called eBoy. They get re-usable pixel objects and take them to build complex and extensible artwork. I love them because they are so detailed but the objects within the […]

Oh my days!


This is the cutest blog I have seen in a long time! Right up my street, I mean, check out this bear!!! I think this could be the best thing I have ever seen. And it kind of reminds me of someone haha.. These are just a few other things i’ve come across whilst I […]