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Ian Beck


Ian Beck is another Author and Illustrator, known for his books called Tom Trueheart. He was born in Sussex in 1947, and attended the Brighton School of Art. Since then he moved down to London with his portfolio and worked in Harrods part time while trying to get work. Eventually he started building up his […]

Ross Collins


Ross Collins is a well known Children’s Illustrator and Author. Its nice that his website looks quite child friendly too, The characters that appear on there look innocent and welcoming. For the amount of books that hes done illustrations for I would of expected him to be a lot old than he is, but hes […]

Lars von Trier


Aww! I know this guy! He was in The Perfect Human! Lars von Trier is a Danish Film Director and has been involved in films such as Europea, Dancer in the Dark and Manderlay.”Von Trier suffers from multiple phobias, including an intense fear of flying. As the director once put it, “Basically, I’m afraid of […]

April Germain


April Germain? Who is she!? I can’t find anything on her! Eap!I think I’ll come back to her later…

Peter Fowler


His work is cool, but, there’s not really a lot of information if any about any of the pieces in his portfolio, who he’s worked for etc. I think I’m on his website.. His websites really cool too, I think its all done on flash.. Perhaps? You can tell he likes is animation/illustration just […]

I really like his homepage. Its basically made up of links at the top of the page and taking up most of the page is a kind of mission statement. It starts off with telling the viewer what they are looking at, which is Barnbrook Design, and then tells you what Barnbrook design does. I […]

Yugo Nakamura


Yugo Nakamura was born in Japan in 1970 and is a creative director, designer and engineer. So far in his career has has been internationally awarded Cannes Lions, OneShow, Clio Award, and an NY ADC. He graduated from the school of engineering in Tokyo in 1996 and went to to build large scale structures before […]