Things I like at the moment…


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I’ve been thinking a lot about my negotiated study recently and to get back into the swing of things I thought I’d upload some imagery that I have come across this summer to get me started. I think doing this will give me a better idea of what I like and what I don’t, and motivate me to do the things I like.

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This one I love, I love the whole concept of handmade pieces – I think this it is the field where I want to spend my time this year. In the past two years the two projects I liked the most, if I had to choose from first and second year, are both the briefs that i produced something handmade and then photographed it as part of a final piece.

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I think the image above is more personal to me and thats why I like it. When I read it, it reminds me of an important part of my life and makes me feel stronger. It’s also true too. I think it’s quite quirky how they have used Scrabble pieces in the photograph – It’s an interesting idea.

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I chose this one to upload because I liked the illustration and the overall message it conveys, I think with me, I like something when it looks totally innocent, and happy – even if the actual meaning of the piece is entirely different. I think that if the meaning clashed with the style of the image I would like it even more!


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