So I decided to take advantage..


.. Of other people answers, and why not. That’s what the websites there for? And plus I thought it would give me some inspiration!;_ylt=AnyBe_y9lbwurYfqLJMFDU0gBgx.;_ylv=3?qid=20090224030641AAP2lhf

My question simply was: How can we get the younger generation to like Classical Music?

So far, I have had 6 or 7 answers – some are quite good, others are from really bitter people. I will paste in a few quotes from their answers. Some are amusing..

“We no longer educate our young. We give them meaningless degrees which are little better than the old 11+ in standard, and we tell them that they are educated. The appreciation of Art Music, requires hard work and a decent education……Why do you expect the current generation to possess the qualities in abundance? This is the generation that considers Twilight and Harry Potter to be literature for pity’s sake ! Western Art music is now seen as elitist, and elitism is seen as a bad thing. Quite where the human race would be without elitism, I shudder to think.” – So theres a nasty one!

“Commercial treatment of the Art of Music in such a society is not aimed at adventurous exploration of sound. To maximise profit, certain strong rules have been formulated..
(i) produce something that the dumbest, least sensitive member of the community can understand and like…
(ii) plaster it with irrelevant, but attention-grabbing facets [such as hair styles, clothing eccentricity, fan clubs, etc.]
(iii) be very wary of significant change once the cash register makes its noise.
(iv) expose this material as often and as widely as is possible
(v) constantly say how exciting it is to be ‘modern’.
(vi) et cetera.

Opposing this in our schools is, so often, a timid little person playing recordings of his/her favourite music (rarely more recent than 100 years). The staff in our schools generally regard this teacher as a useless, unsuccessful fossil. [Maybe they are almost right?] In my opinion, there is one solution that has a remote chance of propagating Art Music in a community.
Music classes, similar to enlightened classes dealing with visual arts, theatre, dance, etc., must DO IT, not ‘learn’ to venerate it.
Composition of melodies, group improvisations, taking part in quality classroom singing (omitting ‘fa-la-la’ perhaps?), etc. are relevant. Listening to Mozart will not produce massed veneration of Art, though performing his music (even badly) has a chance. We must also be very clear in our minds WHY we want our community to love creative music.
It is surely not just to prove to ourselves how wise we are to love it? Again, it is NOT to create new audiences for old music, magnificent as we feel it is. [ A museum Art is pathetic, surely?] The only ‘acceptable’ reason for evangelic passion in propagation of Art Music is that it has immense communal life quality benefits, is ennobling, comforting, stimulating, etc. It must be seen as a relevant CONTEMPORARY activity, as well. Newness must be encouraged, and the old should not be overly venerated during educational activity in this wonderful Art.” – Hmm informative?

The reason why i did this was to get people opinion. Almost like a survey, and its not me just asking people I know, it’s me asking the world. Where a whole range of people from different backgrounds can input their opinion.


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