Nyman’s and Williams’ Music


Okay, so what do I think of their music? I don’t like it. But, do i not like it because is a physiological thing or because I really don’t like it? I will try to explain, do I not enjoy it because it has always been seen as ‘uncool’ to listen to it, even since I can remember.. or is it not to my taste. When is is socially acceptable for someone my age to listen to it? When you reach 50? It sounds highly stereotypical, but in a weird way, I think it’s true.

You can say the same thing for people over 50 though, any of them listen to people like chase and status? Hardcore drum and bass? Rap? Chris Brown? I don’t think so. Not unless they have a kid who insists on playing the CD in the car where ever they go. (That’s what my brother does anyways) I feel sorry for my Radio2 following mum, who puts up with Queens of the Stone Age when ever he gets in the car. You wouldn’t get my mum going to one of their concerts, but, then I don’t think you would get her listening to Vaughan Williams either.

Perhaps, it’s what you have been brought up with? My mum and dad listened to Jimmy Hendrix, Page and Plant, Bob Marley, Funkadelic, Simply Red, Michael Jackson and so on. You wouldn’t catch them listening to classical music. In fact, I think my dad would refuse. It would make him feel old… And he hates that. He hated having to make the big leap from Radio 1 to Radio 2 when he realised he couldn’t listen to Chris Moyles and Chart Music anymore. He was almost in denial about changing what he listened to.


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