Sound and Image


For this brief I am required to help the Philamonic Orchestra in Liverpool reach out to a different audience of the younger generation. This is such a hard one! It’s nearly as hard as my mums job, trying to get young people into librarys and encourage them to read. I think this is on par with that. Classical music though? I never listen to that, ever! I suppose its because I never really hear it that much? When I listen to the radio or go out its always “fashionable” young music. And thats what I’m used to because its what I know. To try and get people my age to actually want to go and listen to this kind of music is insane, unless it was free! The majority of people my age wouldnt even go then! I suppose it’s seen as “uncool”. Theres nothing like that in the chart etc.. The only time when there is a classical tune in the chart is when some DJ has re-mixed it…


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