Can you believe it? There’s actually a review site for sandwiches – it made me laugh anyway… This is what someone said about the Chicken Salad from Marks and Spencer. Baring in mind the chicken Salad is the most popular sandwich choice.. “A sandwich which is just bursting with excellent flavours and good ingredients, and all for a very reasonable price.

“There is normally a good amount of chicken in this sandwich. Occasionally, it can be clumped together in the sandwich so one mouthful can be devoid of chicken whereas another can be packed with it, but this is a minor problem. The taste of the chicken is excellent as it clearly hasn’t been processed and has a strong and slightly roasted flavour.

The quality of the salad is fairly mixed. The lettuce is a tad limp and drab and there isn’t enough of it, but the tomato is nice and juicy and there is a perfect amount of it. Similarly, there are plenty of slices of crunchy tasty cucumber which give the sandwich a much needed bite and a change of texture.

There is also a very pleasant seasoned mayonnaise. Aside from the usual seasoning, this mayonnaise, and the sandwich as a whole benefits hugely from the inclusion of chives. These add a totally different and bold flavour to the sandwich which complements every single one of the fillings very well. Some might find the flavour a bit overwhelming, but I suspect the majority will not.

The fairly ordinary wholemeal bread is a bit drab, but it doesn’t harm the sandwich overall, and the rest of the flavours render it largely irrelevant.

So a very good sandwich. Prime ingredients and exciting and bold flavours and all for a fair price make this a very attractive purchase.”


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