Initial brief..


The requirements of the brief is to produce packaging for a sandwich for the brand Donatos.

You will undertake visual research, from which you will produce a set of design development worksheets of several creative concepts demonstrating the progress of your ideas. You will present them in both visual and written form. You will demonstrate your ability to communicate ideas effectively from inception to a final piece presentation to the client. You will be assessed on your research, worksheets, flow charts, navigation systems, tree diagrams, storyboards, design development and production of the assignment as well as your final presentation.

I think I’m going to find this so hard as I’ve been working within my comfort zone for the past year and a half! A brief about sandwiches is going to really push me I think.. Which is good – but at first I bet you I’m going to hate it, I suppose this is why its taken me so long to get back on Blogger and talk about doing it.

There’s also some notes I’m going to include in this post that I took when the live brief was being set:

  • 3million fresh sandwiches are made a week throughout 18 factories
  • P+2 – Production, delivery and a 2 day shelf life
  • 2.7 billion sandwiches are purchased in the UK each year
  • M&S have got good packaging ideas, with the fold out sandwich pack and the grab and go bag
  • Over 51% of buyers are in the age range of 25 – 44 years old
  • Most popular sandwiches are Chicken Salad, Egg and Cress, Chicken and Bacon and BLT
  • 25% of sandwiches are bought from supermarkets like M&S
  • 22% are purchased freshly made from the bakers
  • 19% are purchased in the workplace.
  • It need to be simple, maybe colour coded depending on if its vegetarian, meaty, fishy etc..
  • Disposable? ECO friendly? Compensate for moisture migration.
  • Happy meal-style boxes, grease-proof paper? Triangular shapes?
  • What colours? Red for meat, blue for fish, green for vegetatrian?

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