Our Mission To promote goodwill through our…

Product & Service: We believe that food served with love nourishes the soul. We believe Donatos is the best. Only the highest quality and freshest ingredients are used to create consistently great tasting food in every restaurant every day. We believe in serving our customers in the most friendly, caring way, in a clean and safe environment.
Principle: We practice the Golden Rule of “treating others the way that you wo
uld like to be treated.” We believe in operating our business by the highest ethical standards. Our philosophy of Live, Love, Laugh and Learn is exercised to the mutual benefit of ALL. Goodwill at Donatos is achieving a win-win outcome by just doing the right thing.
People: We provide a fair, fun and caring atmosphere that promotes growth and development. We encourage involvement in the communities in which we serve. We attract bold, fun and passionate associates who truly care about serving customers. Our Promise To serve the best pizza and make your day a little better.

Quality and Taste: We promise to serve the highest quality, best tasting pizza every time you order. We apply generous toppings of the best ingredients Edge to Edge® on our golden brown crust.
Friendly and Honest Service: We promise to serve your pizza with a smile and a “thank you” in clean, friendly stores. Honest service means your order will be ready at the time promised for a fair price.
Associates who care: We promise a fair, fun and caring atmosphere which promotes the growth and development of our Associates. We strive to attract and train good people who care about serving our customers the best products.
Good Neighbor: We promise to be a good neighbor by being a positive influence in the community. That means conducting our business with respect for the community and maintaining our stores to be an asset to the neighborhood.

Our Destiny To be a principle-based, profitable company dedicated to our Mission & Promise for 100 years and beyond. Our Philosophy To Live, Love, Laugh and Learn.
Live: A balanced, healthy lifestyle brings you personal power and energy to achieve your dreams.
Love: A clear focus on your values keeps you rooted in what’s important.
Laugh: Understanding and connecting with others builds strong relationships, fun and creativity.
Learn: There is always a better way… learn, grow, stretch – keep moving forward.


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