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Colour is used extensively by the retail, marketing and packaging industries in order to convey messages and sensations or trigger associations which encourage the consumer to buy their products. Food colorants are added to ensure that the colour of the food matches our expectations, for example, butter is naturally much whiter in colour more akin […]

Founded The Association was founded in January 1990.Aims As the voice of the British sandwich industry, the primary aims of The British Sandwich Association are: To safeguard the integrity of the sandwich industry by setting technical standards for sandwich making and by encouraging improvement in the industry. To promote excellence and innovation in sandwich making. […]

Can you believe it? There’s actually a review site for sandwiches – it made me laugh anyway… This is what someone said about the Chicken Salad from Marks and Spencer. Baring in mind the chicken Salad is the most popular sandwich choice.. “A sandwich which is just bursting with excellent flavours and good ingredients, and […]

The story begins in Bridgeport, Connecticut, USA during the summer of 1965. Fred DeLuca, an ambitious 17-year-old high school graduate, was looking for a way to make enough money to pay for his university tuition. The solution came at a backyard barbecue during a conversation with a family friend, Dr. Peter Buck. Dr. Buck suggested […]

Subway Adverts


I think these adverts are so funny! Especially the Jalapeno and the Olive with the nun chucks!

Fresh Sandwich


We make damn fine sandwiches, salads and snacks to make eating organic exceedingly easy. Our sandwich wizards work night and day to make sure that you have the freshest possible experience every day. We’re going to let you in on a secret….organic food is not only much tastier than conventional food (well, we think so), […] Because Nampak Cartons Europe constantly strives to achieve outstanding packaging solutions, we are recognised throughout the industry as innovators in our field. Our success is regularly recognised by our peers. 2006 Awards Our unique cartonboard sandwich pack, produced for U.K. retailer Marks & Spencer has received a multitude of awards this year. The patent-pending […]