But what about the Helmet?


Bern Muse
Product information
Price: 39.99 (42.99 with graphics*)

Colours : Matte Purple, Matte grey, white with polka dot graphic*, White with oak leaf graphic, Gloss White and Gloss Cranberry
Sizes: S: 53.5 – 55.5cm M: 55.5 – 57cm L: 57 – 59cm
Two versions available:
Hard Hat
• Soft breathable Brock foam circulates air and sucks moisture
• Multiple impact
• High impact ABS shell
• High Impact
• Hard foam
• Industry standard

Cyclechic’s verdict
It was a happy day when came across the wonderful Bern Helmets, after years of frustration and embarressment at having to wear an utterly style-less tradtional cycling helmet. The Bern Muse is feminine, comfortable and most importantly flattering. They are an all year round helmet as they keep you dry in the rain and the brock foam ensures you don’t get a sweaty head in the sunshine. You can either go for a Hard Hat or the Industry standard EPS Helmet.

I think that these helmets are a lot nicer than the standard helmets in the shops. And they’ve even created a cover for the helmet if you don’t want to be seen wearing one so it looks more like a hat. They did something like this on the catwalk for Pret a Rouler, they had a hard hat and a strap, but there was a ribbon covering the strap that tied in a bow and looked very feminine. I think the one on the catwalk looked quite boho.


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