Velo Girls


I started to look at how other countries targeted women to ride their bikes too. I found a website called Velo Girls, it’s a Californian website which was founded in March, 2002 by Lorri Lee Lown, a San Francisco Bay Area cyclist. The club’s place where women and girls can share their love for cycling in a safe, friendly, encouraging environment.

“The club focuses on fun, recreational riding, with the opportunity to attend cycling skills and general fitness clinics to improve riding and overall fitness. There are scheduled rides for all level of riders from beginners, recreational riders, and racers. We number almost 250 members from throughout the greater Bay Area, including San Francisco, North Bay, East Bay, Silicon Valley, the coast, and the Peninsula. Our online community numbers over 1,000 women cyclists and is an incredible resource.

We offer rides and events every single day of year, including road rides for all levels, mountain bike trail rides, cyclocross training, and lots of fun” – Taken from

It’s interesting, but these girls are sharing their love for cycling.. In our country the majority of girls don’t love it at all.. So how do I get girls to love cycling? I’m quite scared that I’ve taken on this angle of the brief! I should of done something safer. It might be a lost cause due to the way society is and the way the media is… I can’t change any of this! Help! :S

Its a nice idea, but I don’t think the girls clothes are very fetching though? Do you? Maybe that’s the reason why I won’t ride a bike? Because the things I wear aren’t practical and the stuff that is practical is minging!


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