Pret a Rouler..


What we are doing?
Velorution will be showcasing innovative, exceptional talents and their take on what cycle clothing should be like. ‘Pret a Rouler’ or ‘ready to roll’ will be a multi-media experience, rather than a fashion catwalk in its traditional sense. Models will naturally be one bikes. An interactive event, it will take the audience behind the scenes giving a unique insight into design processes and access to the designers themselves.

Why we are doing this?
London is a world city, undoubtedly a stylish city; and yet there is a distinctive lack of functional urban cycle clothing that doesn’t sacrifice style. As an urban cyclist, you will find yourself stepping in and out of social situations, on and off the bike, in and out of the office, meeting up with friends, going out after work. Lycra, flourescent gortex outfits don’t cut it.
For us, being in the position of dealing daily with the public, it is evident that ‘what to wear’ is a problem. We find that there is a prevailing attitude of ‘cycling is great if you don’t have an office to go to’ implying that you cannot arrive smart when travelling by bike. At Velorution, we believe there is a gap in the market and in our wardrobes. What to do? We asked talented designers for their take on ‘dream cycle clothing’. The results of their efforts will be showcased at the ‘Pret a Rouler’ show 21, June 2007.

This research is taken from a design website called –

These two photographs are taken from the same website and are located under a page called “As seen on the street” It shows photographs of pretty, fashionable girls wearing nice clothes besides their bike. The image above is of a lady from Berlin and the image below is of a lady from Köln.. But theres none from England. Maybe fashion magazines targeted at younger girls could have a special feature called as seen on the street of fashionable women by their bikes? It might make other girls want to ride them? But none of the pictures of the ladies by their bikes are wearing helmets.. which is a big issue amongst British cyclists. Lets just assume they’re off the shot!


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