What is Free Love?

Free Love – A group project working with Laura Hogin and Shaun Banner 🙂 .

So what is free love? Does it just mean its love that you don’t have to pay for? So everything but prostitutes? But then I suppose prosititutes don’t really love people, they pretend to… So none of what I just actually said counts does it?

What I think free love is, to me, is when people make you feel good, this could be either through words or objects for examples tokens of love. I did a brainstorm and I found lots of things that were free that could make people feel good. But by the term free does that mean that they don’t have to pay for it? For example could I buy some FIMO (for example) make a present – with love, and then give it to someone for free? I think this would count.. Hopefully.

I’ve got a few ideas already so I’m just going to document them so that I don’t forget them. One idea is to take common phrases about love, for example “wear your heart on your sleeve”, “love is blind” and “all you need is love”, taking them and making something free for someone relating to each or all of the phrases.. then giving it to someone free as a token of my love for them. Some ideas we’ve had relating to the one above is to find a way of wearing a heart on the sleeve. So this could be done in fun ways by using snap bands, sweatbands, bracelets, cufflinks etc. For the phrase love is blind as a group we thought about High Viz jackets and embroidering hearts and words onto it that linked. Another idea that I will experiment with is jewelry, I want to make some free love, literally just to experiment with – So its not necessarily a final piece but it might guide me and help me evolve something into a final piece.

As a group we have also experimented with type and how we can incorporate free love into this. My friend Laura had a good idea using jammy dodgers and laying them out to spell the words free love. So we all experimented with this and then started to look at how we could case them. Which was fun to play with :).


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