My token of love, made for you.. With Love.


I’ve started to make some jewelery, I was still just experimenting at this point (I know I should have my final piece in my head) because I don’t really want to take the stuff I’ve done up to now for my final piece.. So I think that’s fair enough. I like them, I’ve even worn the heart ones and they look alright, I think out of all of it thats the only thing I would wear haha! I was just mucking about, and maybe someone else might want to have one?

Earrings, dangley and studded.

Orange ring and matching earrings – studded.

A big blue heart ring, I didnt want all the hearts to be red. Thats too normal.

This is a brooch I made, its quite funky and immature and I like it.. wouldn’t wear it but I like it!

This is just to kind of show how big they are, you can see my implements that I’d been using in the post before, check out the lippy and the eyeliner, I didn’t want to crop this one I like it because everything is scattered around them in a big mess.

And then, this is me again haha! Showing the size again and that they do have a function 🙂 I’d wear these ones, they’re all made of FIMO but its quite querky and Kitsch which I like.


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