Experimenting :)


The following stuff in this post are things I’ve made.. I’m just seeing what works and what doesn’t and just really having a bit of fun.. as you will see when you scroll down haha! I don’t care :P! The first three images are just little embroidered hearts and stars, they’re simple to make but it takes a white to do it. I like them, I think they’re cute and girly. They would look quite cool as tattoos/temporary tattoos especially the first one.. Or bumper stickers, but of a contrast but hey, there you go! I enjoyed making them and then I scanned them in on the computer and did some print outs for my folder where I’ll write about them a bit more.

Haha! Free love can be fun can’t it? It’s supposed to be fun.. and a little scary! I just wrote on my face.. again, I did it in first year but on a larger scale and it worked quite well. So I just wrote the words Free love on my lips, it was only legible though if I screwwed them up in a pout, but I think it works well and encorperates a kiss.. And the fun part is just because I didn’t want to pull a serious face haha! I wish I had someone else to do this on so it wouldnt be as embarressing, but I didnt so you can all have a laugh 😛

This one I really like, I kissed the wrong hand and so I had to write with my left hand, but I like the way its turned out, I would of liked the lip marks to be abit bolder, but I didnt have another lipstick and I have about 30p to my name so I’m not going to buy anything for this brief, I’m just using things I have around me. So this could turn out pants, or alright, we’ll see! I scanned my hand too and I think the outcome of that is better than this picture, I printed that out.. But I dont think its saved on my computer which is a bum.

I’ve also started sewwing into a High Viz jacket but it is taking forever and a day to do, so I’ll try and whack a pic up of that when It’s done. Im considering using red felt as well as embroided hearts so it mixes it up abit! I dunno, we’ll see!


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