I love my bike… Not.


We’ve got to get people to ditch their cars that they love, and get them to love their bike instead. It’s a hard one.

I drive my car places because its comfy, all I do is press pedals and steer. There’s music you can listen to without the headphones falling out of your ear every time you turn a corner. Its got a roof – which is always nice, I won’t get wet if it rains (Well I will in my car a little.. someone tried to break into my car with a crowbar and now it lets water in, but only a little bit!). There’s fans, so your cars nice and cozy in the winter or its nice and cool in the summer with the air con on. You can carry passengers and other objects like all your materials in my case that I need to haul into Uni so I use the studio. Theres also a horn, which is there for alerting drivers of danger.. or road rage, but mostly danger. If your on a bike you have none of these. I don’t think drivers would notice you alerting them of danger with a little “brrrrring brrrrrring” bell! In my opinion if your not experienced on a bike it can be dangerous.

If you wanted more people to get on their bikes, you’d have to hold road safety workshops and lessons, and they’d have to be free in order to get people to go.. and it would probably be a good idea for them to go.. otherwise you’d have raving cyclists weaving all over the show.

The helmet is an issue too. Young people don’t like wearing them at all, even though its safe, but safe isn’t cool in most teenagers eyes. I know when I had a bike I hated riding it because the helmet made my head look even bigger than it already is, and some of my friends (the cooler kids) never wore them. My brothers the same, his friends don’t wear them.. yet he got a brand new bike last christmas and he’s rode it about five times. Also the fact that mum bought him a helmet that had the word BELL across the front didn’t help! I don’t think Edward appriciated that brand, even though it is a good one.. it did get him some abuse!

So.. I don’t love my bike, and neither does my brother. And neither do alot of people.. especially in Wales of all places. If you go out on one your asking to be rained on.



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