Bicycle Victoria…


Life’s better on a bike
Bicycle Victoria is a self-funded community organisation, owned collectively by all Members. We were born in 1975, and since then we have been dedicated to getting More People Cycling More Often.

Our Organisation
Bicycle Victoria is composed of the following departments: Corporate Facilities Development Great Rides Membership Behaviour Change Programs Bicycle Victoria employs around 45 permanent staff and a number of contract staff for events and special projects.

Our Facilities
Development initiatives
We work to build more cycling infrastructure. This includes working to improve the cycling network and assisting in bike parking and related facilities design, supply and installation.
Our Great Rides
Each year thousands enjoy our Great Rides put on by our inspiring Volunteers. Come and make new friends, have fun, get fit and surprise yourself with what you can do. We welcome and support novice riders and we are honoured when long-time riders join in too.

Our Membership
Our 40,000 Members actively support our mission of More People Cycling More Often. Members across Australia receive great cycling benefits, including the support of Australia’s best bike crash insurance, great deals, a bi-monthly full colour magazine and much more.

Our Behaviour
Change programs We co-ordinate behaviour change programs such as Ride to Work and Ride2School.Our Office We are located in Melbourne’s CBD at Level 10, 446 Collins St, Melbourne. Our city office has a locker room for clothes and we’ve retrofitted a shower in the existing toilets on the floor. Staff park their bicycles in a ground floor lockup rented in addition to the office floor. Most of the staff ride to work. This sites really good, although its based in Austrailia, there is some really good ideas and a special women’s biking page which I will cover in the next post. The website is


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