Off on a tangent!


I’ve decided to stop researching about how adults don’t have fun. Because in a way, what I’m saying is a massive stereotype! And I know that not everyone’s like that. I’m an adult in my opinion and I know I have fun! Yes, alot of people only really open up to other people with alcohol. And yes, some people find sexual innuendos funny.. I do! But I think there’s more to us than that. I actually think that I’ve been a bit harsh! I haven’t made a lot of things during this project and I wanted to, so I was thinking about making something FUN that both adults and children can play with.

So I thought or cartoon characters that both children and adults know and love, I thought about The Simpsons, Looney Toons, Tom and Jerry, Top Cat and The Mr Men. Everyone will know who they are! I wanted to make some, so I did! I liked the idea of making the Mr Men because each one has a different character, and I like that because it teaches as well as being entertaining. I bought some FIMO from the shop and began to make some mini Mr Men. After I’d cooked them I drew on their faces and then placed them around my house to make their environment. I had so much fun making them, and I just thought.. I’d been so tied up in trying to find out how adults had fun and just confusing myself I wasn’t having much fun myself! I’m like Mr Happy now, because I suppose I’ve fulfilled my play brief? By actually playing haha!

Play does become more rigid as you get older! And I just proved it!


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