As we get older, play becomes more rigid..


Its really true. And that’s why this quote in particular appealed to me.

I think the reason is because we abandon our imagination, it becomes socially unacceptable to make stuffed animals and dolls talk, it’s look upon as weird to play with toy cars and give it sound effects. But at what age does this become socially unacceptable? The answer is I think everyone has a different age, it depends who you are and your peers.

There are more rules as you get older, not just rules that are tailored to games, but rules tailored to life. You have morals and because the stereotypical adult doesn’t play I think that we take on other peoples behavior and so behave like them. The other thing I’ve realised is that especially at my age, and older people use slapstick humor and immature humor as a means for fun. For example, Anne summers, they sell things like straws with willys on the end of them.. Now that’s not mature? But you have to be an ‘adult’ to buy them. This is where things confuse me. People swear more, and drink alcohol – which when they do so gives them a justification to act silly.

So I’m confused really?

Because game playing does become more rigid. But the older you get, you gain a different sense of humor, like sexual innuendos are funny. People have Anne Summers partys because they think its fun, and its fun because its rude? Its hard to explain!! Game playing changes as you get older. It stops being as innocent as it was when you were younger.


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