Playful ways of advertising targeted at Adults…


(I’ve had ideas on paper for a while, but I had research on my computer I hadn’t printed – So i thought I’d put it in a blog instead! Saves ink!) I started to look at ways of advertising and how some adverts which are targeted at Adults aren’t as anal as everyone expects, instead i was confronted with exciting ways of advertising which i believe to be innovative. Here are some examples of playful advertising…

All of the above are really fun ways of advertising and they’re all aimed at adults in my opion, therefore for my project I want to take pt.1 of the play breif in which we had to come up with a promotion, service or invention that intergrated play into everyday life and mix it with pt.2 using either the quote “play has no place in the professional world” or “As we get older gameplay becomes more rigid” and base my project on that.

I think these are lovely. I found them on a website called

“PANOS 2013 is a collaborative project that takes the work of artists from around the world, in the form of fake road signs, and turns the streets of Lyon, France into an enormous gallery without walls. The round red and white signs look enough like real European traffic signs that you might take them for granted, but weird enough if you notice them to make you stop and think. This project has a delightful sense of humor, lots playful absurdity and a wonderful scale.” –

These are fake street signs, and they’re beautiful! I love the way they have been so playful with it and it looks like it was a lot of fun to do.


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