Having a go at making my own..


For one of my extended practices I was asked to make my own form of type, using anything and to try to get it to link with the umbrella brief which was play. So, in this blog you can see some examples that I have made…

I then left them on the washing line overnight because i thought it would be nice to capture what happened to my peg-alphabet at different stages in the day. The following photographs are better then the first two in my opinion because they show a bit more character, I like them because you can really feel the cold in the pictures and I think the way that the dew has gathered on each letter is really interesting to look at. I want to leave them on my line and wait until the weather gets colder and the dew freezes and creates icicles as I feel the set of photographs I take then will look even better than the ones with the dew on.

I made this alphabet entirely of washing pegs. I bought a packet of pegs, a glue gun and a hack saw haha. I started to make the alphabet in lowercase, but it was too hard because most of the letters are curvy and when I tried to make a letter in uppercase it was alot easier because they are alot more rigid. I kept all the springs from when I snapped the pegs and stuck them back onto the letter after I had made it so I didn’t waste anything and it kept the feel of a peg. I think this is a playful way to make type. I took something that has an everyday, boring, monotonous use and changed it into something special and original. In my opinion i think it works really well, and I will continute to find other everyday objects and give them a different use. For example at the moment, I’ve got an idea about writing using tomato ketchup, or mayonaise… So watch this space!


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