The Curfew Rule.


Curfews were first introduced in 1998 in a policy called the Crime and Disorder Act for England and Wales. In Scotland curfew schemes have been around since 1997. The 2003 Anti-Social Behaviour Act means they could become more widespread. Curfews can be introduced in areas where the police and the council agree that gangs have been hanging around and starting trouble or threatening people. If a local council introduces a curfew, then the police have powers to break up groups of kids and take anyone under 16 back to their homes or a safe place. Local councils can authorise the police to do this using powers from the 2003 Anti-Social Behaviour Act. The powers can last up to six months. After that, councils have to re-apply.The government’s worried about the amount of crime that involves young people. Curfew laws are supposed to protect young people, but also stop them getting into trouble, especially at night. The government thinks the laws will protect young people from criminals and gangs.A curfew is a rule that says people under a certain age should be off the streets and in their homes by a specific time of night, usually between 9pm and 6am.


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