Kids have their say..


BBC Newsround asks Kids “Do adults spoil your fun?”

No, they don’t stop me from doing loads of stuff, but even if they did I wouldn’t mind 2 much cause it is a way of proof that they love me and they want to protect me. I love my parents and I no they love me. Some children are told they can stay out all night or do whatever they like but that in a way shows that their parents don’t care that much for them. It is good 2 have some independence but not total independence.
Holly, 14, Northern Ireland

I can’t have my music on really high in case i disturb the neighbours. when my parents are out though its a different story…my music is on full blast.
Laura, 15, Skipton

Every time I walk past a lamp or pick up a candle, my mum is like BE CAREFUL! Stop being so paranoid!
Kylee, 15, London

No way! I can go out any time I want to and nobody would complain. Sometimes my friends do have this problem though.
Hazel, 12, Cambridge

Our local park’s being closed down because the people who live there are ‘sick of the noise’. Areas all over my village are now ‘kid-free zones’, which means children aren’t allowed to play there. One of them is outside my best friend’s house. Adults think they own the world and have more of a right to be there than we do. It’s not fair.
Ceri, 12, Colwyn Bay

I am always getting told off when I am inside. The reason for that is because I never get out! Let me out because the grown-ups are running out of excuses!
Erin, 9, Fife

When I was 11 I couldn’t do anything! And I mean anything! I had to always be acompanied by a adult when I went out, I couldn’t walk the dog, I couldn’t use the internet for more than 40 mins, I couldn’t listen to music loudly, I had no independence. Now I can walk the dog and go to the supermarket but if I’m wearing a skirt above my knees and/or a strappy top I’m told to put some jeans on and put a jacket over my top! I mean, I’m not exactly gonna go inside someone’s car or get talking to anybody who looks suspicious! I need a tan and a life!
Freya, 12, Bristol

Yes some adults do spoil your fun but sometimes they are just doing it for your safety.
Hannah, 12, Nottingham

No, there are really noisy kids in our street who are really cheeky and have screaming competitions. They shouldn’t be allowed out.
Ross, 15, Scotland

My parents hardly let me do anything…. I can’t listen to music too high, can’t be too much time on the computer, I can’t make much noise when I’m outside… It is really annoying!!!!!!!
Alexandra, 14, Chile

You can’t play around where I live because there is nothing to do and you get told off by old people to stop messing about
Emma, 13, Blackburn

Parents are so paranoid, WE NEED OUR INDEPENDENCE!
Tom, 10, Woodley

My parents don’t stop me from going outside but I hardly ever go out anyway, however my uncle is a real pain as he moved house as kids kept playing football outside his house and he never lets his kids be noisy or anything. HE JUST WEIRD.
Sophie, 15, Newcastle

My mum doesn’t approve of any of my friends, she thinks they’re all too loud or silly. I just think they’re normal to be honest, then she gets at me for being stupid when I’m just trying to have fun. She really ought to just leave us alone and let us have some fun!!!

Joey, 13, Leeds

My dad gives me tv, gameboy, and pc bans wen I misbehave.
Theo, 12, bedford

When I was younger we used to play outside all the time, but my parents used to make us go to bed early if we were too loud!
Helen, 14, Birmingham

My mum gets really cross when we make a noise outside – she thinks we’re upsetting the neighbours. “
Laura, 10, Salisbury

‘No ball games

No ball games’ signs in parks and streets are stopping children from having fun and excersicing, they reckon.

Kids are often told off by adults for riding their bikes in the street or being a bit loud.

They say all that staying inside makes you lazy and even stops you understanding how to share or play with your mates.

They want adults to be more tolerant and let children be free to play out more, as long as they’re not upsetting the neighbours, of course.


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