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(I’ve had ideas on paper for a while, but I had research on my computer I hadn’t printed – So i thought I’d put it in a blog instead! Saves ink!) I started to look at ways of advertising and how some adverts which are targeted at Adults aren’t as anal as everyone expects, instead […]

For one of my extended practices I was asked to make my own form of type, using anything and to try to get it to link with the umbrella brief which was play. So, in this blog you can see some examples that I have made… I then left them on the washing line overnight […]

In this blog there’s not going to be a lot of talking, just a page filled with different examples of type that have stood out to me and are inspiring… Enjoy!

These are just a few images I’ve saved from I have chosen to include them in my research because I feel that they are playful and would back up a statement that I said earlier in my blog in which I said that in the Design Industry you have to be playful/experimental with your […]

Curfews were first introduced in 1998 in a policy called the Crime and Disorder Act for England and Wales. In Scotland curfew schemes have been around since 1997. The 2003 Anti-Social Behaviour Act means they could become more widespread. Curfews can be introduced in areas where the police and the council agree that gangs have […]

BBC Newsround asks Kids “Do adults spoil your fun?” “No, they don’t stop me from doing loads of stuff, but even if they did I wouldn’t mind 2 much cause it is a way of proof that they love me and they want to protect me. I love my parents and I no they love […]