The Brief…

This is where I enitially scribbled down my ideas as I read through the brief.. I suppose you could say I defaced it.. a little.
I know its not exactly research but I thought I should document my ideas now before I forget them, then research my ideas and go from there. As I read through the definitions of play I particually liked the quote that says “The removal of contraints”, This instantly made me think of a sterotypical adult. When you get to a cetain age it becomes socially unacceptable for you to act like a child, have fun and just generally be silly. I feel that adults in our society have more constraints on the way they behave because there is a pressure to set a good ‘mature’ example to younger generations. The older you get, the more responsibilites you have. For example, household bills, morgages, food for you and your family, your career and so on. In my opinion its society that makes the rules for who can play, and where they can play. To back up my idea I give you this piece of evidence – When you’re young, you have ‘playtime’ at school, where you are encouraged to play. But the older you get, that same playtime gets given the name of a ‘break’ where you aren’t encouraged to play. Where you are encouraged to act sensibly and responsibly. Therefore, I’d like to try and develope a promotional piece designed to promote fun and play to an older audience.

Other things mentioned in my ideas that I’ve wrote down on the brief are: Animal behaviour, the loss of imagiative games for the younger generation, things that people do to have fun, happy slapping, graffitti, the ball, the deck of cards, childrens asperations and several promotional ideas I had which I will come back to later on.


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