Between 1995 and 2003 the number of kids in the UK who are overweight enough to harm their health jumped from 9.9% to 13.7%. – BBC Newsround.

I feel that this is because the way children play has changed, it is fashionable to play on their XBox or PS3 with friends or online over the internet with friends instead of actually being active. It is fashionable for teens to sign upto social profiling websites such as MySpace or Facebook and talk to their friends and post images for their friends to see. The majority of younger people are less likey to get out on a bike and cycle or walk with their friends to the nearest park and hang out there for a day. I feel that in a sense, children are loosing their ability to be imaginative, and are instead choosing to play games with fixed rules. When I was younger I would go and play in the garden and play Lion King or Power Rangers (haha!!) with my friends.. But I don’t think children do that as much anymore.
As crime rates rise, parents are reluctant to let their children go out to play on their own, and are less likely to let their children walk to school. Instead they will drop them off, making them loose out on valuable excersise. Councillor Maria Gatland, says: “Sometimes, today’s culture prevents young people from playing alone outside. However, children need to learn how to manage risk and how to deal with everyday situations for themselves”. And I totally agree with that. If I was to choose children to base my assignment around, one of the main things I would like to achieve is to get them active and outside.

A scheme in London they are using to try and get children to go outside is a day called “Playday”. With children’s health becoming more and more of a concern, many experts extol the virtues of play. Play is said to enable children to develop as individuals as well as teaching them how to become members of their communities. Play can also be educational, for example another scheme that the BBC are helping with is getting children to go out in the garden to grow their own food and learn where it comes from. Its also a good bonding activity between mother/father and child. Its called “Playing with your food”.

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