Children and their aspirations..

What are the top 5 imaginative games that children can play on their own or with friends? I would say Houses, Mums and Dads, Teachers, Doctors and Nurses and reinacting a programme or story that they love (Spice Girls in my case! :P). The fact is that these are all aspirations of what children want to be when they grow up. Houses is a good example and so is Mums and Dads – when I was younger I used to play with my little kitchen and all my plastic play food and then pretend to cook a meal for Sally (My doll haha), and then after that I’d take her for a bath and wash her hair and put her in her little cot and leave her to sleep! Its what every little girl aspires to do, have a dream life with her perfect prince charming (Barbie and Ken for example) and live in a lovely house and be a grown up with children etc. Children make everyday adult life into a game and make it fun and with it they also learn.
Children will copy what their Mum and Dads do, another example is that when I was little I used to play schools and I was the teacher, because thats what I wanted to be when I was older. My Dad’s a teacher too and he used to bring me home unused blank register sheets and I used to fill in the names with the names of my teddys and pretend they were my class!

When you get older, for example 50, you won’t do this anymore because you have probably already fulfilled your aspirations as a child and done all you wanted to do.

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