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I thought I’d go right back to basics and look at animal behaviour, I found the following information from the Britannica Online service. “Play and curiosity are exhibited by many mammals and by some birds and figure importantly in the learning of numerous activities. Play is especially characteristic of young animals, but the adults of […]

What are the top 5 imaginative games that children can play on their own or with friends? I would say Houses, Mums and Dads, Teachers, Doctors and Nurses and reinacting a programme or story that they love (Spice Girls in my case! :P). The fact is that these are all aspirations of what children want […]



Between 1995 and 2003 the number of kids in the UK who are overweight enough to harm their health jumped from 9.9% to 13.7%. – BBC Newsround.I feel that this is because the way children play has changed, it is fashionable to play on their XBox or PS3 with friends or online over the internet […]

The Brief…


This is where I enitially scribbled down my ideas as I read through the brief.. I suppose you could say I defaced it.. a little. I know its not exactly research but I thought I should document my ideas now before I forget them, then research my ideas and go from there. As I read […]



Its just such a broad word, and thats why I think I might struggle trying to get into this assignment. As I understand it our assignment is referring to the type of play that we engage in for enjoyment purposes, whether that means being involved in sports, performing arts, or just playing a simple game […]

First of all, I need to find out what Ethnographic Research is! Here are some definitions that I found from various different websites: “Testing that is carried out under realistic conditions of use. Results are usually qualitative rather than quantitative.” – “Study of living cultures, using anthropological techniques like participant observation (where the anthropologist […]