Susan Kare


I really like her home page! Oh no wait its under construction haha damn. Well what she’s done so far is good! I’ve managed to find out some more stuff about her though from elsewhere. She used to work for Apple Computers between the years of 1983 and 1986 as an icon and font designer for a new computer called the Macintosh. She has also worked for the likes of IBM Computers, Sony Pictures, Motorolla, Microsoft, Logitech and many more.

Its mad, you think.. There are so many things that we take for granted. We don’t even realise how much work was gone into them! For example, Kare designed the cards for Solitaire on the Windows 3.0!

This is so cool! I remember all these icons from when my mum used to have this mac.. or one similar! Amazing. You still get the little clock on macs which is cool. I remember the little smiley face Mac, the bomb, the bin and the ‘Alert’ icon – he used to scare me.. So did the bomb in fact.


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