Johnathan Barnbrook


I really like his homepage. Its basically made up of links at the top of the page and taking up most of the page is a kind of mission statement. It starts off with telling the viewer what they are looking at, which is Barnbrook Design, and then tells you what Barnbrook design does. I think the way its laid out, with a different font for each specialisation and the way “This is Barnbrook design” is a bold colour, while the rest of the text after that is more of a darker mustardy colour is really well thought. Barnbrook maily specialises in Print, Film and Fonts.

How clever is that? And it’s so true!

These posters were illegally printed and stuck up around London before Bush’s visit to the capital in 2003. This immediately reminds me of Banksy, one of my favourite artists ever! I just like witty stuff like that.

This ones another piece from Barnbrook I like. I enjoy things like this because they are humorous, simple and yet still get a message across to the viewer. The colonel and Kim-Jong do look a bit alike, its funny. I like the way that they have kept KFC’s font and colour, and changed the initials to KJI.


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