Woah. Lots off flashing circles!

There isn’t really much information about Hi-Res on their website but they have an archive of all the companies they have worked with. Hi-Res appear to specialise in Film, Fashion, Television, Music, Cars and Print. They have worked alongside PSP, MTV, Lexus the makers of the film Saw and Ugly Betty including this advert that I’ve found below. I really like the way that they show the stages of merging the model into Ugly Betty on the magazine cover, its really clever 🙂

The following two images were designed by Hi-Res as part of the PSP’s brand identity.. I think they chose red because it is neither a masculine or feminine colour and its really bold. I like the way that they have used layers and changes in the opacity to give the impression that the first image is rotating, but the ‘PSP‘ is still straight. I also like the way that the designers have shown the buyer everything that they can do with it just by using simple symbols that appear to be floating off the actual product. The second image looks like a Swiss army knife, but instead of tools, it is reaching out all all different audiences. Or perhaps its advertising the different genres of games you can buy for it, for example, golfing, detective, fighting etc. There’s also other things that branch off the PSP for example a keyring, the ‘neck’ (if that’s what its called :S) of a guitar, and a film reel – symbolising the other fun stuff you can do with it.


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