Vaughan Oliver


Vaughan Oliver is a Graphic Designer based in South West London. He’s best known for creating album covers for bands like the one on the right that he did for the Pixies in 2004. I like the harshness that the black creates against the yellow and the way that it’s softened a little by the metallic ‘splodge-like’ thing in the centre of the cover. I wish he had a website, I’ve been looking around for more information on him and it just isn’t happening!

Ooh Ooh! V23! Right, we are getting somewhere now.. AT LAST! Oh, no. Wait.. It is their website. But its basically just a page, with their company address on and a link where you can buy their books. Nice. No information on there at all. Seeing as I’ve spent about an hour on this artist I think its time to move on…


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