The Chase


Chase design instantly interests me, is it bad to like packaging? I love things like this, its what I want to do when I’m older! There must be so much research that goes into packaging design, because after all, not matter how good a product is, if it doesn’t stand out to the consumer as ‘something that they MUST have’ they won’t buy it and then the company won’t be making as much profit as they potentially could do. So in the long run I would invest in good packaging!

For example the picture below is advertising frozen meats. Number one, its by ‘Mrs. Paul’, which is exactly like Aunt Bessy’s Yorkshire Puddings. By positioning the product through careful design which incorporates elements which the consumers will associate with ‘homeliness’, it looks home made and wholesome, as though made by your own mother. It’s packaged like this so that people feel comfortable with it and has nostalgic links with the buyer’s past and the cultural traditions of western society. The ‘Select Cuts’ banner gives it the impression that it’s award winning. The font also adds to the feeling of tradition and wholesomeness. They look yummy don’t they? 🙂

Chase design also works within retail and product design, and has had clients such as Tesco, Safeway, Asda, Spar and ToysRUs.


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