Spike Jonze


Spike Jonze, born in 1969 in Maryland, America. He’s a director of music videos, film, television and commercials. He has also been credited as co-creator of MTV’s Jackass.

Oh my goodness this if well cool! Spike Jonze is the reason why Fatboy Slim made the ‘Praise You’ music video (The one where a load of people are dancing outside a theatre). It started when Jonze’s alter ego, Richard Koufey, in character filmed himself dancing to another one of Fatboy Slims songs called ‘The Rockafeller Skank‘ in a public area. He then showed this to ‘Slim’ who apparently loved it. So for Fatboy Slim’s next single, Praise you, Jonze gathered a group of dancers together to dance outside a Theatre in California. The video was a huge success and Jonze and the other dancers were invited to perform at the MTV music awards in 1999 which they accepted. So naturally I’ll be uploading this video in tribute..

Jonze is also responsible for music videos such as ‘Wonder Boy’ – Tenacious D, ‘It’s oh so quiet’ – Bjork and ‘Da Funk – Daft Punk. So he’s pretty cool! Ooh and I’ve just found out that he was in fact Creator and executive producer of Jackass.


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