Kyle Cooper


Kyle Cooper is another Artist that is known for his work in film. He specialises in title sequences, examples include Flubber (1997), Spiderman 1 and 2 (2002 and 2004) and Dawn of the dead (2004). Below is the title sequence to Spiderman 2.

Its not that long so you should watch it :)! I really liked the way that he had Incorporated the colours of Spiderman and the “Web-effect” that he has patterned all over his costume to separate the colours, text and the image. I also think its quite clever how the opening sequence along with the titles there are images from the last film which kind of gives the audience a reminder of what happened before the second one starts. Clever eh?

This is the opening sequence to a game called metal gear solid 2. I think the way that throughout the titles it has been edited with an overlay of green wash, which is common in action/crime genres. It also gives a good establishing shot of the characters that you will meet and play during the game. It has an element of sci-fi present too, this is represented and understood by the audience by the hexagonal imagery that connotes something perhaps to do with genetics?

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