Designers Republic


Argh! The line spacing on this website is stressing me out. There’s no real composition to the layout at all. And the links are all too close together! I like little flashing man though. So far from the home page I can see one piece of work which is a projection similar to an artist called Ian De Gruchy, check him out. I’m looking at their work though now and they have done a fair bit! They have designed all the Gatecrasher CD covers, done work for Nickelodeon, MTV and Pringles.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicImage and video hosting by TinyPic

I do like their work though, I like it because its simple, and it gets the message and the ideology that Gatecrasher wants to give to its audience. The following quote is taken from – “The Designers Republic creates images that make the most jaded consumer a sucker for packaging. The work is playful in every sense: bright, candy-colored compositions with anime cartoon children running rampant; it’s like Hello Kitty playing laser tag.

A man called Ian Anderson founded Designers Republic in 1986 “Its anti-established design aesthetic incorporates youthful images (cartoon characters and spaceships) and juicy colors (fuchsia, lemon, and turquoise) into a special brand of pop propaganda.” (taken from the same site) Which is true because most of their clients have been company’s that target their products to younger people.


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