Joel Stewart


Joel Stewart is an Illustrator and bases much of his work round children’s picture books, he’s also working on some of his own at the moment. He currently works for a company called Warner Books. The thing that really surprised me is that he was working for them even before he finished his honours degree at the Falmouth college of Arts. Impressive. The main thing that his illustrations remind me of is the illustrations from ‘The Snowman’ as their heads are quite rounded and they look really innocent and naive.

I thought I should add a quote from his Website, there are many there from Newspapers such as the Times and the Observer but this one stood out to me to be the most interesting – (Of Underwater Farmyard). “One of those rare books that make you very glad something so strange and beautiful exists’ – The Independent. This quote was about his first published picture book which was published in February 2002 by Macmillan. He achieved his illustrations by using acrylic, water colour and pencil crayons.

I like him as a person I think, just because he seems so down to earth. It looks like that he has just litterally scanned in pages from him sketchbook and even though they aren’t the finished pieces they still look so delicate and well thought. I aslo found the 10 things you didn’t know about me section on the following website quite funny –


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