Argh! Their website is really difficult! I’m annoyed! I spent about half an hour just trying to work out how to look at their portfolio! And then when I did find out how to do that I then found that there’s hardly any information on them at all. After looking around for a bit I discovered that it was founded in the 1990’s by two men called Rick Smith and Carl Hyde of the music group Underworld. Tomato’s work includes television and print advertising, clothing, corporate identity and art installations. They have produced adverts for MAC cosmetics, and stands for Vodafone and installations and prints for BMW. I chose the image on the right to put into my blog because i think it stood out to me over the other pieces I have seen from Tomato. It looks quite intriguing and mysterious and probably draws the viewer in because of that. It looks like it would appeal to a male audience because of the blues but there is a more feminine one on the site that you can look at the web address is:
5676047826814566&I= 07_BMW_PRINT.jpg
. I like the way that they have overlapped and layered the different bits of the car and they way they have made the logo seen but not so its so bold as to stand out so the viewer can appreciate the image as a whole as well as an advertisement. This image to the right is what Tomato has done for Vodafone. Vodafone approached Tomato and asked them to design a new com temporary modern space for their HQ in Newbury, UK. They wanted it to be suitable for public tours as well as specialist event launches. The image I have here is of a hollow “Product Pod” which is one of a series of display units containing both physical and digital content. All the lights within it can be changed to reflect the mood of that Vodafone is trying to sell.

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