Ronald Searle

I think I may of heard of Ronald Searle before? When I read his Biography there were certain things that rang bells, for instance, that he became a cartoonist for the Cambridge Daily News. His work actually reminds me of my friend Rachel’s! This piece on the right stood out to me within the rest of his work because of the use of the bright colours against the white title and the black and white character. I think that works really well. I looked into St. Trinians and Searle had created the characters in quite a controversial manner. Instead of the stereotypical well -behaved school girl. his school girls were quite demonic and were described as “gin-swigging, cigar-smoking and out of control”. One of the cartoons features a lone schoolgirl, complete with hat, sitting in a classroom writing the “lines”: “I must not smoke cigars during prayers. I must not smoke cigars during prayers . . . “. Other examples are include a cartoon that shows shows the girls being frisked on entrance to St. Trinians. Next to them is a growing pile of weapons on a table besides the Victorian mistresses: “Bang goes another pair of knuckledusters.” This, as you can see has really interested me, I like his sense of humour and I believe that there might of been or is a film in the cinema at the moment based on these cartoons? I’m not 100% sure though. I’d quite like to buy one of his books if i could still get one. I like the Illustrations on both of these book covers. I like the way that the arms are quite spindly and that you can tell that Searle has a definite style about him, and I think that’s very creditable in an Artist. He even set up his own publishing company called Perpetua Books. The Illustration below comes with the caption of “Come along Prefects, Playtime’s over”!

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