This Website is a lot different to Tomato, its almost like Pentagram, but easier to navigate around ( This is their Mission Statement: “MetaDesign helps organizations accelerate progress toward a better future. We work alongside a broad spectrum of leaders seeking to establish or increase their relevance in people’s lives. We combine research, analysis, technology, and design to visualize new scenarios for connecting with basic human behaviors and needs. We then engage in developing and delivering new brand, service, and product offerings.”

They have produced work for Adobe, McAfee and CNet are just a few. Designing for adobe must of been quite an achievement seeing as Adobe is world leader in creative professional and communication software. Most of the stuff on there is Meta Design creating a new brand identity for the companies they are working for.

Package design really interests me, and I think that the McAfee’s products look really proffesional as does Adobe’s. I think that the black on McAfee’s virus software makes it look quite posh when contrasted to the bright colours in the images below. I also like the face that they have kept the products quite similar so you can see that they are all linked together.


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