J Otto Seibold


J Otto Seibold is best known for the illustrations he was done for children’s books. I went on his Website and its really wacky, its cool though, for a moment I thought I was on the wrong J Otto, but after researching more on other websites it became clear that this was the right one.

One thing it reminded me of straight away was The Mighty Boosh, as I clicked on Olive (above is a still from the animation) I had thoughts of the Charley Animation – Don’t know if any ones seen it but it does.. Watch it! I’ve just read an interview a Lady called Kim Evans had with him and The little Dog Olive is doing really well. “Olive is set to be animated.. On Fox. We are working with Matt Groenings production company” – http://www.hermes.net.au/dpi/culturezone/jotto-fr.html.

Most of the artists that I have liked so far on my research are ones who use bright colours and keep their work quite bold (With Eboy being an exception). But, I’m not sure if I like this artists work or not? His Characters look quite scary! But that’s a total personal opinion. However I do like the way that he talks about his characters, especially “Mr Lunch”, it reads: “Mr. Lunch is very good at chasing birds. In fact, he is a professional.” – Made me chuckle!


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