David Carson

I have a impression in my mind already just from seeing the entrance page to his website, he seems like he could be a lot of fun to work with. The image is of a little man – that looks like its probably been drawn by a little kid with paint splodges splattered all over him, just seems quite fun!

David Carson specialises in Typographic design and is principal and chief designer of David Carson Design Inc, which is based in New York. In April 2004, Creative Review Magazine called David, “the most famous graphic designer on the planet”. David also recently picked up 4 gold awards at the Charleston ADDY awards, including a “special judges award” for “professionalism”. His clients have included Toyota, Mercedes Benz, Microsoft, Quiksilver, Meg Ryan, Pepsi and Warner Brothers.

I’m assuming that he has designed the cover for this book, I really like it they that the skull is kinda of transparent when overplayed on top of the orange and grey back ground but gets covered by the blast of light (as it looks to me). Even though in my opinion this looks quite bold they more you look at it, the more things you discover. For instance, is the Grey buildings in the background and the orange a puff of smoke? Why are there skulls if the books is called Lucky disasters? Surely if it was lucky they would still be alive?

This other piece I have chosen to include because the message on the computer makes you think. And the way that he has done it is really clever. Connected.. doesn’t really look that connected as a word because he’s spread the letters out, so it contradicts itself. Its interesting how it looks like he’s just left it and walked off, its not being made public, even though it is.. if you understand? The meaning and the look would be different on a Billboard or something.


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