Saul Bass 1920 – 1996


The first image I saw of Saul Bass’s was a Logo for Kleenex. As well as being a graphic Designer, I found out Bass had become an Academy Winning Film maker. I realised that along side logo designs, Bass also had produced a number of Title Sequences for Films such as “The man with the Golden Arm” and “Anatomy of Murder”. Through this is what he had become known best for. I quite like Bass’s Style, it’s kind of edgey and rough, it looks as though he uses shapes and fits them together to make an object or image. For example, in the clip which is the opening sequence to Anatomy of Murder, it looks as though hes just cut bits of paper out and has kind of merged them together to make a man, it doesn’t look smooth – But thats what I like about it.

I think Saul Bass is quite an interesting character. The more I research I find different mediums he has worked within, but most of them are based around the same subject which is Films. He’s made numerous Film Posters such as the poster for the 1950’s film North by Northwest. From what I have seen, he uses black alot in his pieces. It makes them seem bolder than what they are. For example, in the film poster to the left, the black draws the eye into the centre, but i dont know if thats a good thing because then the viewer doesnt see the main characters names or the film title. I’m unsure if its a good or bad thing now.

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