Peter Saville


I was instantly impressed with this artist, as I looked on his homepage it reminded me of the Dulux advert where they are talking about colours which work well with one another. The colours on his website achieve just that, they wouldnt be the normal shades that I would pick, but seeing them together working so well has kind of inspired me to start to look and be abit more experimental with the colours I choose in the future! Anyway, I’m rambling now.

Peter Saville studied Graphic Design at Manchester Polytechnic from 1974 to 1978. One of Saville’s first contracts was a poster for Tony Wilson’s alternative Factory Club in Manchester, which opened for an evening once a fortnight. In the same year Saville and Wilson founded, along with Alan Erasmus, the record company Factory Records – a label that came to epitomise the independent scene – Which is amazing! I learnt all about Factory Records in Media Studies last year! 😀 One of the main things that Saville became known for though was the cover of the New Order single Blue Monday (1983) and the sleeve of the Joy Division album Unknown Pleasures (1979).


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