John Maeda


John Maeda is a known graphic designer, visual artist, and computer scientist and has been said to be a founding voice for “Simplicity” in the digital age. “Maeda first made his mark by redefining the use of electronic media as a tool for expression for people of all ages and skills.” Maeda earned his PhD in design from Tsukuba University Institute of Art and Design in Japan. In May 2003, he received an honorary doctorate of fine arts from the Maryland Institute College of Art, and completed his MBA in May of 2006. He has been credited as an artist by receiving awards for example Japan’s Mainichi Design Prize, which he received in 2002. You can find out alot about him and his work on The content of the website is really interesting but the presentation and layout put me off wanting to look at it at first. It’s quite hard to understand. I quite like some of the work hes produced though, for example, a little project he did called Human. I like it because its simple, and it reminds me of something my brothers been doing. But I don’t think I would choose to work like this, it’s nice to look at though.

The only thing I am confused about though is the amount
of random things on his website!? I’m guessing its something to do with computer science, I was losing interest until I came across this. I love it! I don’t know what it is or how he’s made it but I just love it! The colours are amazing, they wouldnt look good on their own but together in that kind of blurred merky pattern it really works. I wish that there was some more information on him and the way he made this but all there was was a heading saying ‘Desktop layouts – Enjoy’ Which is kind of frustrating I suppose.


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