James Jarvis


Born in 1970, James Jarvis is an Illustrator situated in London. James went on to study at University of Brighton and at the Royal College of Art in London. He has worked for international clients such as Sony, Nokia and Parco and contributed to a number of international style publications including The Face, Nova and Relax. I did some research on the face and found out that it was a magazine that was first published in the 1980’s by a man called Nick Logan. The magazine was referred to as “80’s Fashion Bible” and was known for starting trends, whether it being in the fashion industry or music, it influenced the youth culture for over 20 years. James has also produced work for Revolver, an American Rock magazine. As well as designing for magazines James became interested in designing figures and in 2003 he set up a toy company called Amos. The web address is http://www.amostoys.com/amos.html – its really cool, check it out! You can definitely tell though that his work has a style, the figures hes made on Amos.com show similarities to the character of Ozzy above. He’s also got quite a good website too showing a portfolio of work and a good summery of how hes got where he is now. The Websites http://homepage.mac.com/james.jarvis/portfolio.html, there’s one water colour on there called looks a lot like the toys he’s produced. I also admire him because he’s not afraid to work with different materials. His ideas and pieces inspirational and fun, I like they way he uses bold colours and especially on the FACE magazine front cover the way he’s just used different shades of the same colour.


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