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Joel Stewart


Joel Stewart is an Illustrator and bases much of his work round children’s picture books, he’s also working on some of his own at the moment. He currently works for a company called Warner Books. The thing that really surprised me is that he was working for them even before he finished his honours degree […]

Lauren Child


Lauren Child was born in 1967 and is known for her illustrations and childrens books she has written. Looking at her biography her work bloomed in early 2000. Her illustrations for the ‘Charlie and Lola’ books have been so successful that they are now being made into a cartoon series for CBBC. Lauren also works […]

J Otto Seibold


J Otto Seibold is best known for the illustrations he was done for children’s books. I went on his Website and its really wacky, its cool though, for a moment I thought I was on the wrong J Otto, but after researching more on other websites it became clear that this was the right one. […]

David Carson


I have a impression in my mind already just from seeing the entrance page to his website, he seems like he could be a lot of fun to work with. The image is of a little man – that looks like its probably been drawn by a little kid with paint splodges splattered all over […]



This Website is a lot different to Tomato, its almost like Pentagram, but easier to navigate around ( This is their Mission Statement: “MetaDesign helps organizations accelerate progress toward a better future. We work alongside a broad spectrum of leaders seeking to establish or increase their relevance in people’s lives. We combine research, analysis, technology, […]



Argh! Their website is really difficult! I’m annoyed! I spent about half an hour just trying to work out how to look at their portfolio! And then when I did find out how to do that I then found that there’s hardly any information on them at all. After looking around for a bit I […]

Ronald Searle


I think I may of heard of Ronald Searle before? When I read his Biography there were certain things that rang bells, for instance, that he became a cartoonist for the Cambridge Daily News. His work actually reminds me of my friend Rachel’s! This piece on the right stood out to me within the rest […]